Today we can’t imagine life without personal hygiene products and cleaning products. Appropriate disinfection, as well as maintaining basic hygiene principles, allow us to prevent the spread of many diseases and pollutants. We learn these principles from our loved ones, in schools, but they are also contained in legal standards.
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Agriculture is an extremely important part of the economy, whose aim has first and foremost been the production of food. Moreover, plant cultivation and animal husbandry provide various raw materials for the food, shoe, chemical, textile, and many other industries.
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Food industry

The food industry is a sector in which chemistry plays a huge role. Chemical preparations are used in food production and processing, such as drying, pasteurization, cooling, fermentation, cleaning and washing. They are crucial for maintaining a high quality products.
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About us

We are an importer and distributor of chemical raw materials for the industrial, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector. We specialize in end-to-end supply of necessary raw materials and semi-finished products, carefully selected among those available on the global market.

Our products are sourced from renowned and trusted suppliers worldwide, from multinationals to small specialist manufacturers operating on niche markets. Our targeted product portfolio allows us to meet unique needs of our clients. We are perceived as a leader thanks to our concepts and trends which we are ready to share with our clients. AnaidChem offers a broad range of services focused primarily on import logistics and compliance management.


We provide complete documentation on our products to meet any export requirements. Contact us if you need documentation for compliance purposes.

Assistance in import

If you are looking for raw materials or equipment which is missing from our offer, we will be happy to attempt to purchase such items from manufacturers worldwide, bring them to your country and deliver them to your warehouse.

Ready-made solutions

Our skilled team offers advice on all research and development projects.

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