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Our strengths include track record in the industry, technical knowledge and involvement in the services we render.


We are able to meet our clients’ requirements by solving problems, providing technical support and offering innovative ideas.


Consolidation of suppliers and various logistic solutions leads to lower shipping costs of raw materials and improved efficiency.


We are a committed team, responsible for processing requests in our key departments.

About us

We are an importer and distributor of chemical raw materials for the industrial, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector. We specialize in end-to-end supply of necessary raw materials and semi-finished products, carefully selected among those available on the global market.

Our products are sourced from renowned and trusted suppliers worldwide, from multinationals to small specialist manufacturers operating on niche markets. Our targeted product portfolio allows us to meet unique needs of our clients. We are perceived as a leader thanks to our concepts and trends which we are ready to share with our clients. offers a broad range of services focused primarily on import logistics and compliance management.

Thanks to our constant involvement in offering highest class products, we are convinced that quality assurance really matters. We ceaselessly work on streamlining our operations in order to meet and exceed latest industry standards, constantly source innovative products which fulfil the requirements of dynamic industries worldwide. We pride on our technical and solution-oriented approach to our clients’ needs.

We have access to information on market trends and concepts which will inspire your brand. Our technically-skilled sales team may also offer assistance and advice on selecting raw materials and recipes.

We are able to make quick decisions and implement projects which prove beneficial to both parties to the transaction.

Please see our offer for more details. Do not hesitate to call, e-mail or contact us in person.

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