What is REACH?


Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the safe use of chemicals through registration and evaluation, and in certain cases authorization and restriction of the trade and use of certain substances.

The REACH regulation applies directly without the need of its implementation in the Polish law. REACH came into force on 1 June 2007, superseding a number of previously applicable community regulations and directives implemented in the Polish law by the act on chemical substances and their mixtures.

What is REACH about?

Although REACH applies basically to all chemicals, there are a number of chemicals regulated by other community laws, such as crop protection chemicals, biocidal products, medicinal products, cosmetics and food and feed additives, , which are exempt from some or nearly all provisions of the regulation.

Other chemicals exempt from registration include some naturally sourced substances, provided that they are safe and have not been modified chemically.

The REACH regulation differentiates between several roles of an enterprise in the supply chain of a substance: on its own, as an ingredient of mixture or contained in a product. Obligations to be met depend on the role of the enterprise in the supply chain; the enterprise may perform different roles for various substances.

What is REACH for?

REACH has rearranged the EU’s chemicals control system. It introduced a number of modifications aimed at streamlining the management and control of the trade in chemicals in the European Union. The division into “new” and “existing” chemicals has disappeared, as they are subsumed under a single common system. The burden of responsibility for risk assessment and testing a given substance has been shifted from authorities to industry. Manufacturers and importers are now obliged to register substances on their own. Downstream users have been included in the chemicals control system, thanks to which information on the risk associated with substances will be communicated throughout the supply chain.

Basis aims of the system created by REACH include:

- protection of human health and the natural environment,

- ensuring high level of safety at the workplace,

- maintaining and increasing competitiveness of the European chemical industry,

- integrating activity in Europe with activity worldwide,

- minimizing tests on vertebral animals.

REACH in the operations of

Due to the fact that Anaid Group Sp. z o.o. trades in chemicals rather manufactures them, we may function as a distributor, downstream user or importer – depending on the source from which chemical substances are purchased.

Regardless of the role which we play in a given supply chain, we fulfil all requirements imposed by REACH, making sure that the raw materials (substances, mixtures) we supply are fully compliant.

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